a dog mom still counts as a mom

lucky for me, my mother and grandmother like me best of my three siblings. they drove to austin to spend sunday afternoon/night and monday morning/day with me! alex is in chicago and far too busy party planning and glass blowing to host a mothers day gathering. heather is just cool and her schedule is booked up till christmas. my lack of job, education, and friends totally frees me up for a nice little surprise family time! there is a possibility that this is coming off sounding sarcastic, but it really was fantastic. mom brought me a mothers day gift! i got clothes for toby and a little framed picture of my pup. i occasionally realize that i might love toby too much and some people might think it is weird, but then i remember that people that think it's weird are sad inside that they don't have a toby.

so anyway- everyone arrived on sunday afternoon and we went to the east side showroom (which is on 6th street, but east of 35). it is a small place and very very old. the building has been restored turned into a fusion between the most amazing locally grown and fully organic food and a fabulous bar with wonderful sangria. their theme is in keeping with the old building with a twist of early u.s. film culture and some totally unique and modern sculpture and paintings. lots of the tables are made from old doors and the drinks are served in mason jars. basically just really cool.
we had some beverages and appetizers that were as amazing as i anticipated. after this it was on to our next meal destination. i wanted to take my grandparents to east side cafe because it seemed like a place they would enjoy. the food is slightly southern feeling and yet its organic and local (a lot of which comes from the garden behind the restaurant). in addition to this, the actual restaurant is inside a little white house. in my mind, these kind of places are the best kind of places. they couldn't seat us until 8:15, so we killed time by driving through downtown and giving my best tour of austin. this included andrew's place of business- the austonian. this was great and the dinner was great and the night was just wonderful.
me and me mum and me dad. sometimes i spontaneously change accents.
my sweet andrew with my grandparents.
and then just the two. they have been married for 63 years. what??
dad had to make an early exit so he could be back in dallas for some business. we bid him adieu and then went to the zilker park botanical garden. this garden is a joint effort by the austin parks department and the austin area garden council. they could not have possibly put together a more beautiful place. there are little streams of water running all over and tons of ponds- even a waterfall. every kind of flower texas has ever seen grows there and there is a canopy of trees that shades almost every step. it was nice to bring my family here. we just walked around and looked at earth's creations. i took lots of pictures because everything was so pretty and i wanted to show you all of it. also because the colors were freaking me out how awesome they were. seriously this is the best spring of all time.
this little bee was working so hard that he didn't mind me spying on him.
this is mom. she's my favorite.
i didn't know that this is what ginkgo biloba looks like!
here's my grandparents walking hand in hand. so lovely.
just some pretty green
yurtle the turtle oh marvelous he. he is the ruler of all that he sees.
this old bridge has been rescued and moved around austin a few times. now it lives in the garden. and no one has ever accused me of getting too many pedicures- i get it. blue polish will leave soon i promise.
i also get that i shouldn't take toe photos if my toes are offensive to look at.
here's my mom with her parents. we had to stop for a waterfall pose.
this is me with my mother and grandmother. two and a half generations of mothers. (i'm only half because toby is only half human)
a pretty butterfly found mom's shirt to chill on. he was so pretty.
these two friends looked like they are trying to put off a tough persona, but really they are sensitive on the inside.
just a lone pepper here. all his pepper friends were far away and not so pretty.
and such concludes our mothers day events. i'm happy to be back on toby the dog blog. toby will hopefully have lots of moments to share with you soon! life is as normal again and jet lag finally wore off. i may be officially raising the white flag in my life long battle against having to get back surgery. i'm blogging now because walking is currently impossible. if anyone has had back surgery and wants to tell me about it- i would love some promises that its not so bad. yikes. also, i'm applying to schools again. haha! i'm totally going to be that old lady in the class that everyone is like "geez i didn't know they let people this old go to college!" i'll end my undergrad with a single degree and 9 million hours! and i'm not telling you what my plan is yet because you will laugh. once i get it all sorted out i might tell you. (as if people read this) (james, i know you are only scrolling through the pictures and not even worrying about the words). alright i'll wrap this up. toby and i send you lots of spring love! come see us and maybe we can go look at flowers and go swimming and stuff. i'm up for that every day.
peace to all


  1. I love reading your stories and I especially enjoy your photography!. The trip sounded amazing
    and I felt like I got to enjoy it with you. Have
    fun in austin. Carole Phillips

  2. I soo do to read the words! But the pictures are always so fun!