tobe in robe

i happened to have 30 minutes to kill and i happened to be by the mall. so i popped in! unfortunately i was having one of those days and nothing i saw for humans looked good to me. so i went to build-a-bear (where i buy all of toby's clothes). toby is in fact a lover of a good outfit. he loves his tie dye t-shirt, he loves his cowboy sweatshirt, he loves his mailman halloween costume. he loves getting dressy or going casual. he super loves soft things, so you can imagine what a hit the robe was. i walked in the with bag and said "toby, sweater?" and he did a flip (he spins circles when he is happy). i'm telling you. he actually prefers clothes. for serious.

i was just going to let him do a try on with no photo shoot, but it was too cute to handle:
what did i tell you??
"just give me the 'return of the jedi' look"

i had to put a shower cap on him for a second. it was too cute. he hated the squeaky noise.

ps- i hope everyone watched snl on saturday. if not, go online and watch because zach galifinakis is the greatest.

love to all!


  1. that is so freakin cute. i can not stand it. jeff and i are cracking up. love you toby. esp in a robe.

  2. That's ridiculous!!! I just showed Paul! ...I LOVE that you buy his clothes at build-a-bear! I wish they had a build-a-giant to buy Sergeant some cute pit bull clothes!