my white trash bingo night.

i couldn't leave the country without posting this greatness:

have you ever wondered how to instantly make hundreds of rednecks hate you? if you answered "try to discuss the science of global warming at a nascar event" you could possibly be right. but i found an even better way. talk really loud in an austin bingo hall during a game. they hate that. chris found this out firsthand when he got confused. just a simple "am i supposed to make an x?" was enough to spin heads in every direction- eyes glaring- and grumbles grumbling.
but let me start at the beginning. my dear sweet melissa and her dear sweet man friend michael are both moving away from our city. melissa is going back to dallas and michael is going to the military. i am proud of both of them and they will be missed so very much. we had a small gathering to bid him farewell on saturday. it began at melissa's apartment with a puppy playtime. toby was there but he was too busy sniffing.
i was proud to snap this one- she is afraid of cameras.
we went to waterloo (michael's favorite) for beers and wings. what to do next? duh! bingo! there was a place not far from waterloo so we all went. obviously we made a pit stop for beer and wine (byob you know).
i was clearly very excited to be playing. i convinced max (to my right) to trade me his pink for my red. turns out they are the same.
all the essentials pictured here at the smoking/drinking section of the bingo hall. amazing.
mike was really good. double dab'n. shelly is obviously looking over at him and feeling impressed at his bingo skills.
whats this?? it was big tasty (ben)'s birthday that day too! he is always up for some bingo so he met us. they told everyone on the speakers "wish big tasty a happy birthday" and when we cheered we got more nasty looks from rednecks.
at the end of this day- i had a headache from cheap white wine- i couldn't breathe from smoking section smoke- i was sad that my two friends were leaving- upset that i couldn't help ben celebrate more- and very tired. i slept a bunch and then got up and drove to dallas! now i am getting ready to leave for two months! andrew and i are going around the world and we created a travel blog. go to this site. we will try to put up lots of pictures. until may 16!! see yall in two months!

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