happy birthday dr. seuss!

theodore geisel spent his early career as a cartoonist. he was a brilliant political cartoonist and became famous for his whimsical characters and caricatures. he later became one of the most famous children's authors of all time. his drawings never lost their appeal- i remember staring at them for hours and hours while my imagination ran as fast as it could. he changed his name to dr. seuss and became an essential part of the education of young people. interestingly enough, he never had any children of his own. i believe that even without children he knew the importance of children's literature. however, children were not his only audience. he spoke to children's imaginations and sense of humor; and yet he simultaneously spoke to adults. he gently and almost secretly spoke his same old political messages and reminded his mature audience that there is truth behind these stories- even ones that children understand- that we have completely forgotten. i recently got a tattoo and tribute to my hero. it is a picture of his character "the lorax" and it reminds me how precious life is. dr. seuss passed away in the early 90's, and yet his birth is what is truly to be celebrated. seuss, your words will never be forgotten. last night, andrew and i cooked the famous green eggs and ham for dinner!

"sam, if you will let me be, i will try them- you will see!
say! i do like green eggs and ham! i do- i like them sam-i-am!
i will eat them in a boat and i will eat them with a goat!"
thank you as always to andrew (my dearest love) for entertaining my fondness for all things small.
here i am showing my lorax. he is easily my favorite tattoo.
toby is a fan of anyone who's birthday involves food. he tried to sneak in for a bite here. andrew and i went downstairs at one point only to return and find toby munching the last piece of asparagus. he is crafty.

as always, love to all! do not let the imagination forget its purpose, or the heart forget the meaning of life and love.

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  1. Linds... great post, I love keeping up with you on toberlone's blog (thats what I call him in my head). Hope your vacation is amazing and I cant wait to see the pics!!