fun weekend, new post, and a review for you

allison came in town to see craig and that always spells a good time. the four of us went out on friday night and had a lovely dinner at an italian place downtown (la taverna- i recommend the risotto- it was amazing). after that we went to a bar on second street that was really fun and had a good d.j. here we are on our amidst our hoppin' friday night:

we had so much fun as always and i love getting to see these two. while on the subject of the previous two photos, however, i will explain the new camera. i went to a camera store in austin and was told by an obviously less than competent salesman that i wanted the nikon coolpix camera. i didn't. the photos above were taken with it. they look ok at first, but that is with a significant bit of doctoring. after spending 24 hours with it, i decided: no one should spend in the three hundred dollar range for a camera that takes bad photos. it would be worth it to spend a bit more and get something worth your dollars. so now i present to you, the canon s90:

unparalleled quality and this was taken in incredibly low light. anyone that wants a point and shoot camera- this is the way to go! when i came to return the "coolpix," the guy told me "i sold it to you because the better cameras were out of your price range." first of all, i never gave him a price range (sales 101, right?) and second, the s90 is not that far above the price of the nikon. like we're talking 50 dollars. needless to say, i am very pleased and would send anyone to get this one. stay away from ashton kutcher's advice. the coolpix is terrible.

now doesn't that look delicious??
andrew's mom and dad came in town for the weekend too! we went to eastside cafe for dinner and had amazing food. the freshest vegetables in the world (from their garden) and i had some sort of jalapeno chicken. that cake you see above was our dessert. i took the opportunity to test out the new camera, and as you can see- it works great.
here i am with andrew enjoying our coffee and family time.
then toby got sleepy and i had to take advantage.
he's pissed that i'm exploiting him.
later we went back to the hotel and played a game of clue. i won because i'm a genius (it was mrs. peacock in the ballroom with the wrench). then we played skip-bo (a gill family favorite). my partner (pictured above) lead our team to victory! i'm 2-0 for game night.
here's my man, obviously sad that he lost. hope everyone else had a fun weekend!

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  1. Umm My college roommate was convinced to buy that damn coolpix to take to Europe 2 summers ago. Needless to say...she has stolen ALL of my pictures that I took with my Canon because that horrible camera sucked so bad. She will forever hate the Nikon coolpix, and so will I.