my white trash bingo night.

i couldn't leave the country without posting this greatness:

have you ever wondered how to instantly make hundreds of rednecks hate you? if you answered "try to discuss the science of global warming at a nascar event" you could possibly be right. but i found an even better way. talk really loud in an austin bingo hall during a game. they hate that. chris found this out firsthand when he got confused. just a simple "am i supposed to make an x?" was enough to spin heads in every direction- eyes glaring- and grumbles grumbling.
but let me start at the beginning. my dear sweet melissa and her dear sweet man friend michael are both moving away from our city. melissa is going back to dallas and michael is going to the military. i am proud of both of them and they will be missed so very much. we had a small gathering to bid him farewell on saturday. it began at melissa's apartment with a puppy playtime. toby was there but he was too busy sniffing.
i was proud to snap this one- she is afraid of cameras.
we went to waterloo (michael's favorite) for beers and wings. what to do next? duh! bingo! there was a place not far from waterloo so we all went. obviously we made a pit stop for beer and wine (byob you know).
i was clearly very excited to be playing. i convinced max (to my right) to trade me his pink for my red. turns out they are the same.
all the essentials pictured here at the smoking/drinking section of the bingo hall. amazing.
mike was really good. double dab'n. shelly is obviously looking over at him and feeling impressed at his bingo skills.
whats this?? it was big tasty (ben)'s birthday that day too! he is always up for some bingo so he met us. they told everyone on the speakers "wish big tasty a happy birthday" and when we cheered we got more nasty looks from rednecks.
at the end of this day- i had a headache from cheap white wine- i couldn't breathe from smoking section smoke- i was sad that my two friends were leaving- upset that i couldn't help ben celebrate more- and very tired. i slept a bunch and then got up and drove to dallas! now i am getting ready to leave for two months! andrew and i are going around the world and we created a travel blog. go to this site. we will try to put up lots of pictures. until may 16!! see yall in two months!

dad comes to see us in austin

so my dad came in to visit last week. it was really really fun. we went to fancy dinners, went out past his bedtime, took walks around the river, and went to the top of the austonian! above is a favorite photo of mine while walking one morning. the first night he was here, we went to wink for dinner and then to the four seasons (where he was staying) for drinks and some live music. the girl that played ended up being really really awesome. we all bought her cd and she signed them for us. the next morning we went for an early breakfast at annies on congress. the food was good. service was a bit unusual. loved the location and the decor. all in all, i will go back to annies. below is my delish oats and banana. did you know, ps, that oats don't have gluten? neither did i. but dr. kumar swears its true. and he has seen really disgusting parts of my digestive tract so i believe him. anywho! here are the oats.
the walk that followed the breakfast was delightful! it was a day that was beyond perfect and we walked until we ran out of path. then we diverted downtown.
cute photo with jon.
along the path we crossed under many bridges. austin is known for these bridges for they are home to the bats. i saw no bats, seeing as it was daytime, but their homes are still a sight. what else do you do in a solo shot besides peace signs? ps, check out my shirt- dad brought it to me from the americas cup in valencia. yeah, we won. and thats a legit shirt that jon hooked me up with. thanks dad!
we walked all over downtown and i told myself more and more how cool it would be to live there. luckily, my boyfriend has the hookup at the austonian. he set us up on a tour and i am now convinced more than ever that i should sell my house. here he is in his sweet hat at the building.
the three of us at the top! it happened to get really really windy up there and i was a bit scared (look at the clouds- something was stirring). you can also see the capital between me and andrews heads. awesome!
the next morning we took another grand walk. i spotted a good sitting tree. dad claimed i was going to break my neck. luckily i didn't, and the tree was in fact perfect for sitting.
then we had food at the restaurant at the four seasons. it was also amazing. the reason this photo is important is because you have to picture it as being my perspective at lunch. now picture yourself turning your head slightly to the right. past jon. bam! mclovin. thats right, fogell was right next to us. there were actually a lot of movie people at the hotel. the most exciting one was mclovin though. and every time he spoke i felt like i was in superbad. his real name is apparently christopher. chris, if you ever read this, i'm sorry for not knowing your real name. i am aware that you are probably very tired of having people call you mclovin. i wish we could be friends. if you ever come back to austin- call me.
and so concluded our austin times with my father. thanks for coming to see us dad! it was so so so much fun and i hope it can happen again!! love you the most!


tobe in robe

i happened to have 30 minutes to kill and i happened to be by the mall. so i popped in! unfortunately i was having one of those days and nothing i saw for humans looked good to me. so i went to build-a-bear (where i buy all of toby's clothes). toby is in fact a lover of a good outfit. he loves his tie dye t-shirt, he loves his cowboy sweatshirt, he loves his mailman halloween costume. he loves getting dressy or going casual. he super loves soft things, so you can imagine what a hit the robe was. i walked in the with bag and said "toby, sweater?" and he did a flip (he spins circles when he is happy). i'm telling you. he actually prefers clothes. for serious.

i was just going to let him do a try on with no photo shoot, but it was too cute to handle:
what did i tell you??
"just give me the 'return of the jedi' look"

i had to put a shower cap on him for a second. it was too cute. he hated the squeaky noise.

ps- i hope everyone watched snl on saturday. if not, go online and watch because zach galifinakis is the greatest.

love to all!


craig's birthday fiesta

saturday night, allison and i threw a surprise birthday fiesta for craig! we totally surprised him and it turned out to be a really fun night. we cooked masses of food! below you can see the spread- it was delish.
leis are not exactly fiesta attire, but they are really fun. and of course they are great at enabling the oldest joke ever.
three boys i love very much. the margaritas were going fast.
and k2 always takes care of the extra food. love him.
jon solo moustache photo.
johnny solo moustache photo.
i got a pinata shaped like a 100 dollar bill. then i had the brilliant idea that i could turn ben into craig. i did. it was full of chocolate gold coins, fake gold necklaces, and mini liquor bottles!!
the moustaches are great at making everyone look way creepier. check out the baby crown bottles... awesome.
birthday boy and his lady friend! happy birthday craig!!


happy birthday dr. seuss!

theodore geisel spent his early career as a cartoonist. he was a brilliant political cartoonist and became famous for his whimsical characters and caricatures. he later became one of the most famous children's authors of all time. his drawings never lost their appeal- i remember staring at them for hours and hours while my imagination ran as fast as it could. he changed his name to dr. seuss and became an essential part of the education of young people. interestingly enough, he never had any children of his own. i believe that even without children he knew the importance of children's literature. however, children were not his only audience. he spoke to children's imaginations and sense of humor; and yet he simultaneously spoke to adults. he gently and almost secretly spoke his same old political messages and reminded his mature audience that there is truth behind these stories- even ones that children understand- that we have completely forgotten. i recently got a tattoo and tribute to my hero. it is a picture of his character "the lorax" and it reminds me how precious life is. dr. seuss passed away in the early 90's, and yet his birth is what is truly to be celebrated. seuss, your words will never be forgotten. last night, andrew and i cooked the famous green eggs and ham for dinner!

"sam, if you will let me be, i will try them- you will see!
say! i do like green eggs and ham! i do- i like them sam-i-am!
i will eat them in a boat and i will eat them with a goat!"
thank you as always to andrew (my dearest love) for entertaining my fondness for all things small.
here i am showing my lorax. he is easily my favorite tattoo.
toby is a fan of anyone who's birthday involves food. he tried to sneak in for a bite here. andrew and i went downstairs at one point only to return and find toby munching the last piece of asparagus. he is crafty.

as always, love to all! do not let the imagination forget its purpose, or the heart forget the meaning of life and love.


fun weekend, new post, and a review for you

allison came in town to see craig and that always spells a good time. the four of us went out on friday night and had a lovely dinner at an italian place downtown (la taverna- i recommend the risotto- it was amazing). after that we went to a bar on second street that was really fun and had a good d.j. here we are on our amidst our hoppin' friday night:

we had so much fun as always and i love getting to see these two. while on the subject of the previous two photos, however, i will explain the new camera. i went to a camera store in austin and was told by an obviously less than competent salesman that i wanted the nikon coolpix camera. i didn't. the photos above were taken with it. they look ok at first, but that is with a significant bit of doctoring. after spending 24 hours with it, i decided: no one should spend in the three hundred dollar range for a camera that takes bad photos. it would be worth it to spend a bit more and get something worth your dollars. so now i present to you, the canon s90:

unparalleled quality and this was taken in incredibly low light. anyone that wants a point and shoot camera- this is the way to go! when i came to return the "coolpix," the guy told me "i sold it to you because the better cameras were out of your price range." first of all, i never gave him a price range (sales 101, right?) and second, the s90 is not that far above the price of the nikon. like we're talking 50 dollars. needless to say, i am very pleased and would send anyone to get this one. stay away from ashton kutcher's advice. the coolpix is terrible.

now doesn't that look delicious??
andrew's mom and dad came in town for the weekend too! we went to eastside cafe for dinner and had amazing food. the freshest vegetables in the world (from their garden) and i had some sort of jalapeno chicken. that cake you see above was our dessert. i took the opportunity to test out the new camera, and as you can see- it works great.
here i am with andrew enjoying our coffee and family time.
then toby got sleepy and i had to take advantage.
he's pissed that i'm exploiting him.
later we went back to the hotel and played a game of clue. i won because i'm a genius (it was mrs. peacock in the ballroom with the wrench). then we played skip-bo (a gill family favorite). my partner (pictured above) lead our team to victory! i'm 2-0 for game night.
here's my man, obviously sad that he lost. hope everyone else had a fun weekend!