winter olypics bring joy to our american hearts

having never been a true basketball fan, mid february is when "sports related depression" sets in at my house. we love football and the thought of so many months till its return is a sad one. what other sports are there to watch besides the other football? and i have to wait until summer for the world cup. this year i have re-discovered how much i love the winter olympics. plus- here we go u.s.a! summer olympics are fun too. they feature some of everyones favorites (gymnastics, diving, swimming, running, and badminton). duh. but winter olympics have ice skating. toby and i happen to really love the ice skaters. to show our true u.s.a. pride, i went and got toby a new sweater today! some of you may be aware of the number of dog clothing retailers out there. unfortunately, i think the ones that are shaped for dogs end up looking weird. i shop for toby almost exclusively at build-a-bear. he is luckily almost the exact size of a build-a-bear, and has therefore ended up with a very similar wardrobe. today we added his olypic pride sweatshirt! i forced him into some photographs that i hope you enjoy:

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