weekend in austin review

if the title of this confused you, yes i still live in austin. sadly, my dearest mother does not have this privilege, so i gave her a weekend getaway for christmas. she cashed in her gift the weekend right before her birthday which turned out to be incredibly fun. we stayed at the hotel san jose (located on south congress- so easy to find). i knew it would be cool because i go there all the time, but i had no idea how awesome the little rooms would be! there isn't a ton of stuff (furniture, pillows, blankets, hot tub bath, mini fridge, etc.) so if thats your style: a. don't come to austin, b. stay at a fancy place. luckily my style leans more towards aesthetics (to a point) and the room was just too perfect. everything was so put together and unique. all the furniture was so simple but so cute. i took some photos which i will now share:

the bed
i like this poem. i like how its hung up. i like that i'm half in this photo.

so we did that. and then things got even more awesome. me and andrew's dear friends (craig and allison) hung out with us while she was visiting for the weekend! which can only lead to a drunken dance party (example: July 4, '09). so they came and met us at san jose for cheese and drinks. as we got there, chris (another of andrew's past roommates and a dear friend of ours) called and decided to hop on the party train. and there it is. we drank and ate cheese, then we went to a place called wink and had more drink and more food! in no way do i consider myself any sort of food critic (unless fast food chicken is considered part of a refined pallet) but this place is amazing. they have a wine bar next door that you can go to while you wait for your table. it is nice but we got some really strange looks when we walked in. probably because some of our party looked young and i was the one ordering the wine, but whatever. we're old enough to party. then we ate (which i am a fan of) and the food kicked ass. i had tuna and duck and then we shared a desert thingy with candles. andrew and craig sampled the foie gras blt. this may sound strange, but i swear it was an edible version of heaven. they change the menu every night and most of the stuff is local and organic. possibly pricy but worth it. we had a champagne toast with a cake and a candle and sang to my mother- eliciting more and more eyebrow raises.

love them
cheese tray in foreground
birthday cake (with candle)

so then we went to a bar downtown and did some serious dancing. it was crazy. i danced and looked ridiculous until the champagne began to disagree with my tummy- at which point we went back to our cozy room and slept. we awoke the next morning to our breakfast in bed! and it was so cool. they brought it to us in a box which had like three layers and each had food. one of the compartments contained a mimosa and i almost threw up at the sight of it. everything else- golden.

breakfast box
me and my strawberries
close up fruit and vomit inducing mimosa

and we closed our weekend with a spa day at milk + honey. this is easily the best spa in austin. i'm not always a fan of facials, but i loved the one i got and i got massaged and manicured. i usually wonder what kind of weirdos put reviews on yelp. i essentially just did that, but i wanted you to know of my fabulous weekend with my mom. happy birthday mother!


  1. that hotel is adorable!! happy bday aunt linda!! what a fun weekend!! iw want a lindsey filled weekend for my bday!!

  2. By far the best dinner I have had in 2010. I got excited just reading and re-living our evening. I love Linda and I love you and of course Toby.