a week of snow and puppy love

toby and i got to spend last week in dallas with heatherino. the parents went to spain for the week to celebrate father's 50th. they did it big and went and saw the america's cup. again- u.s.a! u.s.a! but while they were gone, heather and i had a grand time and the dogs had an even better time! bailey (heather's dog) is toby's girlfriend. they love to play and snuggle. on this particular week, dallas got over a foot of snow! it was beautiful! toby spent the whole week in his pajamas and refused to get near it, but bailey loved to run and play in the white cold fluff. in short summary of the major events i will say: we lost power for almost 48 hours and spent a long time in the dark and in the cold. luckily this forced us to find entertainment beyond the television and peyton and heather taught me a really fun game that involves drawing pictures. i was told by a woman at a chinese restaurant that i was far too young for alcohol and that i could not be older than 18. heather and i made a few trips to whataburger past the normal eating hours. and we went out and bought tons of stuff to make valentines cookies. unfortunately we became distracted and never actually baked anything. all in all it was a fantabulous week!
here they are again in a bit of an action shot.
this = lindsey's excitement for snow!
this = heather just woke up and thought lindsey was joking when she told her about the snow. heather is reacting to the sight of real snow!
where did bailey go? she is hiding in her natural camouflage.
tanq cannot hide so well in the snow. he is trying though. and he is having a hard time keeping up with bailey and her blending whiteness.
bailey got snow dreads (little balls of snow clinging to her furs) and the only way to get them out was melting. so she got a bath!
no one loves a bath in this house. especially not bails.
what else do you do when it snows but build a snowman!? people from states that see snow regularly would have laughed to drive down the streets of dallas texas last week. there were all kinds of snowmen all over the place! so heather and some friends and myself built a man of snow standing almost 6 feet tall! and there was still snow leftover! amazing!!!

see heather with snowman. he was a good man.
i tied to really soak in the snow. unfortunately i picked a poor location for a snow angel. this one did not really come out, but i still enjoyed it.
if you missed out on the snow last week, i'm so sorry! it was great times! toby is already missing bailey and can't wait for lindsey and andrew's trip so he can spend two whole months with his g.f.!

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  1. that is like my DREAM weekend! (minus power failure) love it!!