good job saints

here are some superbowl photos that toby and i forgot to share with you! we had such a good time. very much food was cooked and consumed, and toby was thrilled to be on the clean up crew. here we go saints for winning the big game! love to see the colts lose and peyton manning's overly intense eyes cry. i cooked a million hot dogs and wings. after the big win, everyone left except for johnny and leila. andrew fell asleep and toby and leila went off to cuddle alone. so johnny and i did the only appropriate thing in that situation: we watched the puppy bowl on animal planet. it is a room decorated like a stadium, full of puppies and small footballs. cutest thing ever and we watched if for hours. johnny and i love puppies and also football- so it is pretty much the best combo. hope you had an equally fun superbowl sunday!

i got shot glasses that said "first down," "second down," etc. here are some of the boys celebrating the win!
my handsome friend johnny! in this photo, he is getting excited for the puppy bowl.
leftover foods. little footballs. football tattoos. and themed paper plates and napkins.
sweet little selina enjoying the fire pit.
haley and ben after the game.
i got a football pinata. we broke it after the game. we ate candies and stu put it on his head.

party over here! so sad that football is over for the year.. my sundays will not be the same until next fall.. but until then- i'll watch olympics. and go cowboys.

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  1. love it! i am so sad i missed the puppy bowl!! that sounds hilarious. miss you. when do you leave to travel the globe?