warning: this post has no point.

i admittedly have a very distinct style that i live in. it worked with the furniture i had when i moved here so i ran with it. but i am so tired of stuff. i am very seriously thinking about re-directing the attitude of my home- whether that involves moving or not. (if anyone is interested in my furniture- let me know- garage sale coming soon). i'm going to have as few pieces of "stuff" as possible. cheers to empty.

almost 20 years ago (when i was a very small person) we started spending christmas in utah- every single year- skiing with my extended family. i will now attribute my bad knees to the fact that i started skiing at age 6. more importantly, however, i have spent almost an equal amount of time going to main street in park city and looking at all the art galleries. most of them are nothing special or impressive, but one is especially wonderful. it is called the phoenix gallery. a wonderful sculptor named jim budish has a piece there that is sitting in the entrance of the gallery. it is a 7 foot tall bunny named chauncey. for as long as i can remember visiting utah he has been sitting in the entrance (i assume because few people need a 7 foot tall bunny). and this bunny is no "i stopped at a birdbath retailer on i-35" type of bunny statue. (see old post) he is my favorite thing to look at ever. i am very seriously re-arranging my entire life in order to accommodate chauncey. i obviously cannot afford him to date, but his spot will be waiting. here is a photo for you to understand better.

on another note, the new joanna newsom cd comes out tomorrow and i'm really excited. its three disks- and two hours long! looks like i will be busy for at least two hours tomorrow.

peace to all and lots of love!

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