happy friday

toby is wondering why his mom won't take him on a walk. its too chilly toby! just wanted to say happy friday to everyone and i hope you have a great weekend!



warning: this post has no point.

i admittedly have a very distinct style that i live in. it worked with the furniture i had when i moved here so i ran with it. but i am so tired of stuff. i am very seriously thinking about re-directing the attitude of my home- whether that involves moving or not. (if anyone is interested in my furniture- let me know- garage sale coming soon). i'm going to have as few pieces of "stuff" as possible. cheers to empty.

almost 20 years ago (when i was a very small person) we started spending christmas in utah- every single year- skiing with my extended family. i will now attribute my bad knees to the fact that i started skiing at age 6. more importantly, however, i have spent almost an equal amount of time going to main street in park city and looking at all the art galleries. most of them are nothing special or impressive, but one is especially wonderful. it is called the phoenix gallery. a wonderful sculptor named jim budish has a piece there that is sitting in the entrance of the gallery. it is a 7 foot tall bunny named chauncey. for as long as i can remember visiting utah he has been sitting in the entrance (i assume because few people need a 7 foot tall bunny). and this bunny is no "i stopped at a birdbath retailer on i-35" type of bunny statue. (see old post) he is my favorite thing to look at ever. i am very seriously re-arranging my entire life in order to accommodate chauncey. i obviously cannot afford him to date, but his spot will be waiting. here is a photo for you to understand better.

on another note, the new joanna newsom cd comes out tomorrow and i'm really excited. its three disks- and two hours long! looks like i will be busy for at least two hours tomorrow.

peace to all and lots of love!


a week of snow and puppy love

toby and i got to spend last week in dallas with heatherino. the parents went to spain for the week to celebrate father's 50th. they did it big and went and saw the america's cup. again- u.s.a! u.s.a! but while they were gone, heather and i had a grand time and the dogs had an even better time! bailey (heather's dog) is toby's girlfriend. they love to play and snuggle. on this particular week, dallas got over a foot of snow! it was beautiful! toby spent the whole week in his pajamas and refused to get near it, but bailey loved to run and play in the white cold fluff. in short summary of the major events i will say: we lost power for almost 48 hours and spent a long time in the dark and in the cold. luckily this forced us to find entertainment beyond the television and peyton and heather taught me a really fun game that involves drawing pictures. i was told by a woman at a chinese restaurant that i was far too young for alcohol and that i could not be older than 18. heather and i made a few trips to whataburger past the normal eating hours. and we went out and bought tons of stuff to make valentines cookies. unfortunately we became distracted and never actually baked anything. all in all it was a fantabulous week!
here they are again in a bit of an action shot.
this = lindsey's excitement for snow!
this = heather just woke up and thought lindsey was joking when she told her about the snow. heather is reacting to the sight of real snow!
where did bailey go? she is hiding in her natural camouflage.
tanq cannot hide so well in the snow. he is trying though. and he is having a hard time keeping up with bailey and her blending whiteness.
bailey got snow dreads (little balls of snow clinging to her furs) and the only way to get them out was melting. so she got a bath!
no one loves a bath in this house. especially not bails.
what else do you do when it snows but build a snowman!? people from states that see snow regularly would have laughed to drive down the streets of dallas texas last week. there were all kinds of snowmen all over the place! so heather and some friends and myself built a man of snow standing almost 6 feet tall! and there was still snow leftover! amazing!!!

see heather with snowman. he was a good man.
i tied to really soak in the snow. unfortunately i picked a poor location for a snow angel. this one did not really come out, but i still enjoyed it.
if you missed out on the snow last week, i'm so sorry! it was great times! toby is already missing bailey and can't wait for lindsey and andrew's trip so he can spend two whole months with his g.f.!

winter olypics bring joy to our american hearts

having never been a true basketball fan, mid february is when "sports related depression" sets in at my house. we love football and the thought of so many months till its return is a sad one. what other sports are there to watch besides the other football? and i have to wait until summer for the world cup. this year i have re-discovered how much i love the winter olympics. plus- here we go u.s.a! summer olympics are fun too. they feature some of everyones favorites (gymnastics, diving, swimming, running, and badminton). duh. but winter olympics have ice skating. toby and i happen to really love the ice skaters. to show our true u.s.a. pride, i went and got toby a new sweater today! some of you may be aware of the number of dog clothing retailers out there. unfortunately, i think the ones that are shaped for dogs end up looking weird. i shop for toby almost exclusively at build-a-bear. he is luckily almost the exact size of a build-a-bear, and has therefore ended up with a very similar wardrobe. today we added his olypic pride sweatshirt! i forced him into some photographs that i hope you enjoy:


good job saints

here are some superbowl photos that toby and i forgot to share with you! we had such a good time. very much food was cooked and consumed, and toby was thrilled to be on the clean up crew. here we go saints for winning the big game! love to see the colts lose and peyton manning's overly intense eyes cry. i cooked a million hot dogs and wings. after the big win, everyone left except for johnny and leila. andrew fell asleep and toby and leila went off to cuddle alone. so johnny and i did the only appropriate thing in that situation: we watched the puppy bowl on animal planet. it is a room decorated like a stadium, full of puppies and small footballs. cutest thing ever and we watched if for hours. johnny and i love puppies and also football- so it is pretty much the best combo. hope you had an equally fun superbowl sunday!

i got shot glasses that said "first down," "second down," etc. here are some of the boys celebrating the win!
my handsome friend johnny! in this photo, he is getting excited for the puppy bowl.
leftover foods. little footballs. football tattoos. and themed paper plates and napkins.
sweet little selina enjoying the fire pit.
haley and ben after the game.
i got a football pinata. we broke it after the game. we ate candies and stu put it on his head.

party over here! so sad that football is over for the year.. my sundays will not be the same until next fall.. but until then- i'll watch olympics. and go cowboys.


weekend in austin review

if the title of this confused you, yes i still live in austin. sadly, my dearest mother does not have this privilege, so i gave her a weekend getaway for christmas. she cashed in her gift the weekend right before her birthday which turned out to be incredibly fun. we stayed at the hotel san jose (located on south congress- so easy to find). i knew it would be cool because i go there all the time, but i had no idea how awesome the little rooms would be! there isn't a ton of stuff (furniture, pillows, blankets, hot tub bath, mini fridge, etc.) so if thats your style: a. don't come to austin, b. stay at a fancy place. luckily my style leans more towards aesthetics (to a point) and the room was just too perfect. everything was so put together and unique. all the furniture was so simple but so cute. i took some photos which i will now share:

the bed
i like this poem. i like how its hung up. i like that i'm half in this photo.

so we did that. and then things got even more awesome. me and andrew's dear friends (craig and allison) hung out with us while she was visiting for the weekend! which can only lead to a drunken dance party (example: July 4, '09). so they came and met us at san jose for cheese and drinks. as we got there, chris (another of andrew's past roommates and a dear friend of ours) called and decided to hop on the party train. and there it is. we drank and ate cheese, then we went to a place called wink and had more drink and more food! in no way do i consider myself any sort of food critic (unless fast food chicken is considered part of a refined pallet) but this place is amazing. they have a wine bar next door that you can go to while you wait for your table. it is nice but we got some really strange looks when we walked in. probably because some of our party looked young and i was the one ordering the wine, but whatever. we're old enough to party. then we ate (which i am a fan of) and the food kicked ass. i had tuna and duck and then we shared a desert thingy with candles. andrew and craig sampled the foie gras blt. this may sound strange, but i swear it was an edible version of heaven. they change the menu every night and most of the stuff is local and organic. possibly pricy but worth it. we had a champagne toast with a cake and a candle and sang to my mother- eliciting more and more eyebrow raises.

love them
cheese tray in foreground
birthday cake (with candle)

so then we went to a bar downtown and did some serious dancing. it was crazy. i danced and looked ridiculous until the champagne began to disagree with my tummy- at which point we went back to our cozy room and slept. we awoke the next morning to our breakfast in bed! and it was so cool. they brought it to us in a box which had like three layers and each had food. one of the compartments contained a mimosa and i almost threw up at the sight of it. everything else- golden.

breakfast box
me and my strawberries
close up fruit and vomit inducing mimosa

and we closed our weekend with a spa day at milk + honey. this is easily the best spa in austin. i'm not always a fan of facials, but i loved the one i got and i got massaged and manicured. i usually wonder what kind of weirdos put reviews on yelp. i essentially just did that, but i wanted you to know of my fabulous weekend with my mom. happy birthday mother!