toby on ice

what's this?? a white christmas in dallas texas? tis true my friends. it snowed all day on christmas eve and all the houses and trees were dusted with snow by christmas morning. a significant portion of my parents backyard was frozen and the back porch was iced over. this obviously was the perfect opportunity to try out toby's cold weather gear. in cruel dog photography tradition, toby has four little doggy snow boots. i put them on him (which is funny even when there isn't ice) and took him outside. this is the result:

hilarious, right?

unfortunately toby was not allowed on the ski trip this year. (apparently you can only bring your children if they aren't covered in fur) but he was dogsat by the grandparents and had a wonderful time not being in the kennel. i, on the other hand, did get to go on the ski trip- though this year i opted to do little to no skiing. really just no. it was beautiful to be in the mountains though and so nice to catch up with all my favorite cousins. in my opinion, the highlight of the trip was possibly the new years eve party that shannon and i hosted. however, i will have to post those photos later due to the large number of them. just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone. hope you enjoyed the tobe on ice. new years eve post coming soon!

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