toby's instant weight loss

these are my two favorite boys (smile). the other day i walked in and found these two cuddling and jamming. i had to photograph. i ended up taking a lot of toby photos and in most of them, you couldn't see his eyes. he was drowning in fur. this made me realize: its time for a toby haircut.
it began on the back porch on one of the most beautiful days in austin's history. toby is not usually fidgety and haircuts are not usually a big problem. i got about halfway through and much like the broomsticks of fantasia, small tobys were cropping up all over the back porch. when i went to retrieve the camera for documentation purposes, he fled.
here he is. hiding at a safe distance. i knew this would probably happen, so when i came back with the camera i brought a pocket full of treats. this intrigued him. he crept over slowly.
i never want to force toby into something. i feel it is better when he thinks he is agreeing to it. the best way to accomplish this is with food. so i tossed him one across the porch. he was incredibly excited. then he saw i had more treats in hand! he came to me in the usual way: creeping slowly- one eye on me and one on the treat- ducking under a nearby chair so i can't capture him. i put the treat on the ground and he was hesitant.
he understood that in order to get the treat he would have to sit still for more minutes while i trimmed him. you can see him weighing the decision here.
in the end- the treat won. but i suppose toby ultimately lost the war. and thanks to his love of treats and excessive licking, i was forced to give him a terribly lopsided haircut. (seriously- it usually turns out better)
good thing he is cute no matter what! if only we could all lose half our body weight with a haircut...

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