i am the lorax, i speak for the trees.

what was the lorax?
and why was it there?
and why was it lifted and taken somewhere
from the far end of town where the grickle-grass grows?
the old once-ler still lives here.
ask him. he knows.

yes, it is true, i love dr. seuss. i love all of his books. my favorite of all of them is possibly the lorax. he is the greatest of all the seuss characters. he is small and adorable and wise. since i was a small child and my dad read me the story a million times, i loved him. in my mind, the lorax is the best representation of dr. seuss' genius. he had a talent for entertaining youth with his fantastic characters, beautiful illustrations, and great stories of adventure. and yet he simultaneously could speak to adults and teach them the simplest lessons that are so often overlooked. in this particular one, he reminds us that nature is fragile and can be hurt by the greed of humanity. though i am a human, i am sometimes greedy, and i am often small minded, the lorax is a wonderful reminder to me of the respect we should have for our world.
so what do i do when something is important to me? i tattoo it on my body. so today, melissa went with me to true blue and i got tatted up! i was very happy about having her along (obviously- she is my friend) but she also got a new camera on this very day and was not afraid to bring it around and document things. hence- photos of me getting tattooed! she took all of them so no credit to me, and she posted them on her blog too so i'm sorry if this looks like copying. but here are some photos of the adventure! (ps- go to mel's blog because it's great:southernvogue)

ta da! (read like wall-e would say it) this is my new lorax! i love him and i think he will always be a reminder of the importance of life in all forms.

and all that the lorax left here in this mess
was a small pile of rocks, with one word...

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