k is for kristen and b is for birthday

happy birthday favorite cousin!
i would like everyone to know that it is my cousin kristen's birthday today.
she and her best friend have a co-blog that is basically a handbook about how to make every day of your life fun. check it out: lullaby lubbock.
i spent about 90 percent of my childhood trying to be as cool as kristen. now that the age gap between us is less intrusive, she is one of my best friends. she spends hours and hours driving/flying here and there just to support her family and friends. she is always up for a party and makes the most of a night off. she is the ultimate in creativity and comes up with some of the cutest stuff i have ever seen. and with jeff's help, she is raising three of the most adorable children i have ever encountered- and to whom i attribute my getting over a crippling fear of babies (i am fully recovered and now am quite fond of them). when i think of my cousin, i think of someone that loves absolutely unconditionally and works every single minute of her life to be loyal and supportive of those in her life. kristen- you are such a special part of my life and i'm not the only one that thinks that. i love you to death. happy birthday!

life 70.


  1. I think she is gonna cry when reads this... a good cry. You are the best linds... Love , Jeff

  2. i just cried!!! i love it!! that was just tooo sweet!! you are an angel that i just adore and love soo soo much. thank you so much for just being you and putting up with crazy me. miss you. love you