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lets talk real fast about frosty the snowman.
as a child, i really really loved him. i have always been most fond of snowmen in fact. everyone has the "christmas icon of choice." some people prefer santa, some angels (creepy), some like trees. some people even go for nutcrackers, which i find a terrible and frightening tradition in general. but i, my friends, prefer the snowman. there are a million and one ways to make them look ridiculously cute. last year i made andrew and myself stockings with snowmen:

you get it, i like snowmen. but i say this only for you to understand how traumatic is the idea of my beloved winter friend melting away with springs arrival. snow was not something i saw frequently as a child, unless we were skiing (and i assumed that snow in utah was year round, so that didn't count.) but one glorious year we saw an enormous amount of snow in abilene texas. this was amazing to me. i loved everything about snow. i loved that it was frozen- it was soft- you could lay in it- you could mush it into balls- you could eat it- and you could catch its flakes with your tongue. but most of all, i loved that it could become a snowman! i also was quite fond of the frosty the snowman movie (you know, the animated one). but i remember literally shedding tears thinking about frosty having to melt! thats not funny- thats tragic! the boy finds magic in the silk hat and becomes best friends with a living snow-being and he melts?! i'm telling you, its sad. and yes, i did cry when the (below) snowman of my childhood melted away (after only hours of sitting in our yard).

apparently he had been a yankees fan. and note the pinwheel. and oreo eyes? yes. the most snow to ever come to texas, i'm sure of it. and ps, why does frosty run through the square "saying catch me if you can?" sounds a bit like a trouble maker.

i was also thinking a bit about "santa baby." that one might could be considered creepy too. santa needn't be referred to as "baby." even in a different decade, i feel that is inappropriate. i mean, what if mrs. clause got her hands on that letter? and why does the young lady's christmas list consist of things like a yacht, a convertible, checks, a duplex?? and her logic here is that she hasn't been kissing "fellas." santa, this sounds like a bribe and i'm not buying it. she's a slut. the end.

the idea of a guy walking around my house while i sleep is unsettling too! i don't care how many presents he has. i was in the grocery store yesterday and i guess they thought it a good idea to hire a santa! this santa was incredibly jolly- even had a real white beard. and after asking andrew if they could trade hats, he told us he had a 7.5" head (and that is with a shaved head!). sweet santa.. he then told us he couldn't really take off his hat because it would scare *thumb point behind him* the one year old behind us in line. though jolly, santa was indeed not a perceptive one. he did not realize that his mere presence in the line was already enough to frighten the child into hysteria. in fact, if anything would calm her down, it would probably be to remove the hat! andrew and myself then had a long discussion on the topic of santa deception. we both had parents that chose honesty over christmas fun- but i saw my fair share of kiddos getting their hearts broken. doesn't that seem to betray the very spirit of the season? i mean, santa presents are fun, but no logical child past 3 really thinks someone that big can fly around the world and fit down chimneys. and if they do, then you are abusing their intellect.

ranting much? i'll stop. i still love christmas, just love to talk about its ironies too. thanks for listening! peace on earth.

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