its beginning to look a lot like i can't figure out what holiday to celebrate

let me please begin by explaining that (as most of you probably know) i am obsessed with holidays. i told kristen the other day that i am like a single, childless, grandmother. (meaning, i'm not married- have no children- but spend most of my time decorating my house for holiday, baking things with gluten that i can't eat, and crafting) my halloween decor is still out on the front porch, and i think a large moth decided to nest inside of my lawn ghost. he has since passed away, but his little winged body is still visible through ghostie's white sheet. (bulk trash pickup anyone?) so today my dear friend, melissa, and myself went to the great land of garden ridge. they had a shockingly low selection of thanksgiving things so i came home turkey-less. all the halloween stuff was 60% off and it took every ounce of self control to keep from purchasing more ghosties (see halloween post if you're not following my logic). and yes i am aware that it is still early in november, but friends, you must understand the bargain shopper within. christmas trees were half off. melissa is now the proud owner of a giant pre-lit pink christmas tree, and i, obviously, had to have the gold one.
see photo below:


i know... gorgeous. (picture me saying that like the lady on garden state with the strong jersey accent "goy-jus") anywho, so the tree is now a part of our happy home, but will remain in the box until after thanksgiving (i hope). of course i had to accessorize with all the sparkly ornaments i could find and i left feeling a lot like christmas. i returned home however only to realize that my halloween stuff is still on the front porch and my bin of thanksgiving stuff is sitting in the living room waiting to be put up (don't you just always end up neglecting the pilgrims?) and the christmas tree is in box waiting for december. the following photo is a representation of the holiday confusion:
even tobe is confused.

i'm thinking that so as to not let thanksgiving feel left out i will cook a pre-thanksgiving meal for friends. everyone is invited- come have turkey at my house!!


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