i'll never let go, tony. i'll never let go.

the enormous black hole of consumerism also known as the cowboy stadium, was hoped to become a symbol of new beginnings and a grand new start to a new chapter of cowboys history. owner, jerry jones, seems to have done everything monetarily possible to create the most perfect football environment ever. (cue blurry transition into a flashback) i seem to remember another historically great piece of construction that even all the bells and whistles could not save. (i am aware of the insensitive nature of referencing a disaster such as the titanic in comparison to my football team, but i am coldhearted and will do anything for a good analogy) as jack sinks into the water he pleads with the chick to "never let go." and sadly this is the image i conjure up when thinking about america's team. the mountainous structure is beautiful indeed, but perhaps as an act of karma, it is no power against a team that can't play the game. unfortunately, and even though a large part of my conscience cannot get past the wastefulness of this entire topic, i was raised to love the dallas cowboys. i cheered for them even before i knew what a first down was. now, having been fully educated in the sport, i still love every piece of my star spangled team. i write this now to say to wade, tony, jason, roy, flozell, and even nick folk: i forgive you. i apologize for my boo's today. i will always believe, and i will never let go. now let us climb back into the saddle and be the cowboys that all your old fans wish you still were.

moving on:
toby and i drove in for the game on saturday and as you can see, toby was incredibly excited. he jumped up to sniff and look outside as soon as we entered dallas. (he has incredible dog senses)

(cutest photo of all time)

what can i say, i have trained my dog well. i bought a sweatshirt, heather made me laugh and had a great time with the roll-up-sign, and patrick and i were possibly scrutinized for drinking whiskey at noon. andrew was greatly missed (and do not think those two sentences were sandwiched together by accident) for he was back in austin working on his enormo-paper from hell. which will forth be referred to as "e.p.f.h." i always miss andrew when he doesn't get to come to these fun things, but i am so proud of him. the e.p.f.h. is only hellish in size, and certainly not content. toby misses him too. there aren't near enough snacks and dropped food crumbs without him. i am greatly enjoying family time, which has only just begun. heather has zero school all week and crafts are already in the works. no one makes me laugh harder than my siblings, so i foresee quite a week ahead. holidays are always the best days for fun in my book. may this year be the best yet!

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  1. so freakin cute. tobs, wanna come live at my house?? lots of food droppings and cute babies to lick???? i cant wait to see you guys over christmas. i miss you.