halloween party round two

thanks to me, andrew and jon had last minute costumes for the party on saturday night. they wore my giant adult size one-pieces from last christmas. i am ashamed to say that i own more than one, but i do, and jon and andrew became small sleepy children. jon carried jb (jammin bunny) all night and andrew wore a headband for an unknown reason.
johnny and haley both had fabulous costumes and both ended up in the same genre. mr. andrews was a news reporter and had a hilarious array of dated news-y phrases that he used throughout the evening. haley just looked really cute and did her best to get johnny's breaking stories to us on time.
sean was "early 90's guy." small ponytail, rainforest cafe t-shirt, plaid flannel around the waist. oh and tevas with socks. loved it.
me and h-bomb. i was batman, but due to the photography i didn't make it into many photos. so this is all you get of my costume. it had a cape though. and a belt. i was the hero halloween needs.
i looked over at andrew and jon at some point and found it funny how similarly they were sitting
did a little break-dancing in johnny's room.
then johnny came in and said it was time for bed. stories first though.
ryan and heather were airline employees. looking so very cute.
these were two of my favorites. may (left) is a sock monkey. she also is about the same height as me- giving you a general idea of how incredibly tall the man on the right is. he is a black white supremacist.
jon got into an epic wrestling match with bonnie. she might have won.
battle wounds.
papa smurf showed up!
it began as a small stick fire. slowly it burned down to coal and ashes. then some creative thinkers found geoff's grandma's old wooden table. it was slightly broken at one of the legs but geoff was in new orleans so that wasn't stopping anyone. after his thumbs up from the big easy, the table was thrown down the outdoor rock stairs. that did little to no damage. the empty keg was then brought out and used to break it down into smaller pieces. (reminder i was the designated driver for the evening, and had not had any alcohol.) the table was placed in the fire pit, and after a little extra lighter fluid it was a roaring pile of burning lacquer. everyone's lungs were nice and shiny.
andrew and may used the keg as a chair to watch the fire (which i found quite hilarious) and we recognized the photo-op.
good story: at one point in the evening a young man came up to talk to andrew. he said "hey man, what's your name?" andrew replied "my name is andrew." other guys says, "you mean, angie?" -andrew stares blankly- and then the guy says "well aren't you a girl?" andrew says, "no..." guy says, "why are you wearing a girl wig then?" andrew replies, "that is my hair."
jon is getting tired after all the wrestling and dancing. (and orange punch drinking)
wrapped up the night with a group photo. all my favorites in one picture. i'm back there behind johnny's ego. what? that was a joke! i love you guys!
andrew was too sleepy to make it home. daylight savings gave us one too many hours for party.
we finally got home and found toby still in his pumpkin. but the mouth was flipped around and made it look like he was bummed to miss out on the party. he was also really worried about jb- he smelled like foreign dogs, beer, and campfire.
all in all- great party! thanks to our hosts, danny, emily, and johnny.
hope everyone else had a happy halloween!

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