fisher of treats

toby and i woke up this morning to quite a chilly day. the pond was perfectly still and we were anxious to fish. did i say fish? i meant, exploit toby by dressing him in dog-sized fishing gear and making him pose for photos. heather is my perfect partner in this scenario, for she also finds cuteness in small things and joy in photo-ing them. someday we will start a photography business in which i will business and she will photo. (more on that subject another day) on this day i will tell you, toby makes a fantastic fisher-dog. he caught nothing, but searched desperately for little swimming treats. reluctantly he turned in his pole and called it a day. but here is a taste of the greatness we captured:

kiss on the nose

thanks heather for taking such great photos!

alex hasn't made it in yet from chicago, but its safe to say that we are anxious for him to get here. the party is always bigger when alex comes in town. so hurry up brother!!
hope everyone else enjoys their thanksgiving as much as i am.

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  1. that dog is insanely cute. he needs his own show. im glad he at least has his own blog. christopher and dt need to take him fishing someday. he would be such a big help...well, he would def be cute!