the first step is admitting the problem

i'm going to let the photo do the talking first here:

now that you have taken it all in, i will explain. last year for christmas (at the peak of the snuggie phenomenon) my sweet mother (who seems to be as big a fan of the "as seen on tv" products as i- see fair blog post) got us all snuggies as joke christmas gifts. we rewound the commercial probably ten times during the thanksgiving football games, so you understand the hilarity of opening these gifts on christmas morning. however, she was either unaware of the "christmas special" taking place, or the snuggie people are just that generous; she ordered three and received six. so not only did alex, heather, and myself receive one, but andrew, the dot, and virtual sister katie lanier also became a part of this christmas miracle.
but back to the point. this morning i had to make an emergency toby food run to petsmart, because i forgot to yesterday. trust me, toby was fully aware of how late petsmart opens. he was also fully aware of the fact that some extra shopping was taking place. while browsing the aisle of dog shampoo and decorative poop pickup bags (which i bought) i came across cruel pet photography gold:

a toby sized snuggie.

toby is now a proud owner of this degrading piece of unnecessary clothing. it is the true test of how little dignity americans have, and how much money can be made out of a cheap flannel blanket with sleeves. so the next time the family is at a little league baseball game, or outside roasting marshmallows and toby seems cold- fear not. he too can be blanketed without his arms being trapped. he will never again have to sacrifice warmth to use the remote. and yes- i see the irony of a culture dependent on remote controls which has then forced a dependence on a blanket with sleeves. if only they could just come up with an iphone application that will microwave my dinner..
and do not think i mock you america, for i am one of you. i now have a 15 dollar deduction from my bank account because of this. i hope "dog snuggie" appears on my bank statement.

ps- if you did not see this video, please watch it. i salute bill maher's wit.


  1. Freakin hilarious. Toby needs to be on the commercial!!! He's loves it!! It just keeps making me laugh!!! Hahahha!!

  2. there is nothing cuter....in the world
    the end.