dirty birds

i am aware that saying i have a favorite part of the long drive down i-35 is the equivalent of saying my favorite part about a trip to the dentist is a sugar free sucker at the end. (which, i personally feel slightly strange about taking as an adult. i think i even try not to look like i care.) but i have made the drive a few times in my day, and as long as i have lived in austin, somewhere between dallas and waco, my favorite billboard has been standing in the sky. i don't know if it's the billboard that i enjoy so much, or just the hilarious place that it is advertising. i have not yet summoned the will to stop and actually purchase something, but with a bit of encouragement, i'm sure i will get there. try and take in as much as you can from the picture i snapped while trying not to run off the road:

got dirty birds? well you are in luck, because this place has birdbaths.
however, it could easily also read, "got a circus themed backyard? we have a 7 foot tall statue of a gorilla in pajamas!" if only my speedy driving did not blur the photo so much, you could see all the other gems inside these walls. there is an enormous rooster (fully painted) and a pig somehow suspended above the front door. there are a number of windmills (isn't that what those are?) and a bunny (possibly larger than the gorilla). to the right of all that is the largest selection of birdbaths i have ever witnessed. depression-shmession, if the birdbath place made it, i think we will all be fine.

in closing, i would like to salute the i-35 statuary. you make my 3 hour drive slightly less painful. now that i'm home, christmas may begin. gold christmas tree: prepare to exit the box.

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