though i try, i can't hate the cowboys

just when i think i have truly done it and i can never appreciate the cowboys as a respectable part of the nfl, miles austin has more receiving yards than anyone since 2006! i love it when a cowboy proves me wrong and becomes a great teammate despite a possibly rocky past. and the celebration in the end zone brought a tear to my eye. andrew and i went to pick up p.f. changs before the game and we found ourselves sitting beside the university of colorado coach at the bar. i asked (too loudly) if he was the colorado guy and they looked at us. we ended up talking about where they were from (denver) and though i think we were trying to be nice and flattering (since ut kind of destroyed them yesterday) they still kept acting like denver was some sort of holy land. i realized that this is why i do not want to live in colorado. it seems to have only positives- with the weather, the beauty, and the marijuana laws (?) but the people are its downfall. they like colorado too much, and this is the exact reason why i cannot. anyways, the point is- i trashed the cowboys majorly to these people and am now regretting it. the man looked at the window and suggested he had been lied to about the "fabulous austin weather" and then smugly told us he was going back to denver where it will be "snowing- not raining!" well fine. maybe they have snow, but we obviously have superior athletes and nice-ness.
all this to say, toby is back in his cowboys sweater and the cowboys are 3-2. hats off to you boys- the tobe and i salute your comeback.

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