getting ready for fall!

the football gods surely must have been smiling down upon us this weekend- fall finally arrived with a cold front and rain! i suppose some people appreciate the hot weather of austin for some reason, but personally it makes me hate everything about our latitude. i can't dress up for halloween, drink hot cider, or feel in the mood for football without a good cool down, some rain, and a drastic reduction of sun. but thanks to the stars aligning this weekend, toby got to get a new pumpkin costume. this is not his halloween costume- that is yet to come- this is his "pumpkin carving party costume" (which will be happening within the next few weeks). the hat didn't stay on very well due to the fact that it is meant for "build-a-bears." toby, being a dog, can't keep these hats-made-for-bears on. also, it was a bit puffy and inhibited a great deal of movement. either way, i made him wear it and i felt fully festive by lunchtime. but one cannot wear a jack-i-o every day of october (which i did attempt to do in '08) so toby put on his polo/sweater-vest combination. i think he looks very handsome.

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  1. shut up that is so cute!! the tobster is so rockin the pumpkin!!