andrew loves the earth and i love them both

as we all know, i am completely obsessed with two things: andrew and earth. andrew studies the environment at the university of texas, and i love that he loves the earth as much as i do. he is about to graduate with honors and is writing his thesis right now about green roofing and how to reduce co2 and help the farming crisis by making our buildings grow! (figuratively) but anyway, we got to go to the wildflower center this weekend and i got to see some of the stuff he is studying in action. they have an enormous test site where different native plants are being tested for how they react to living on a roof and how runoff water is affected by them. there are tons of other complicated parts to this project but i would probably sound stupid trying to explain it. the point is- he is working on something that i personally think is really cool and could potentially be hugely beneficial to our planet. and i am so proud of andrew because he works so hard and is so smart. here are some photos of our trip to the wildflower center as well as one of the cake i made at the first of the month for my honey's birthday.

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