pumpkins and birthday cake

today is the day that not only do i get to carve pumpkins and dress up silly, but i get to celebrate the birth of my favorite almost sister. she makes everything more fun. she has such a uniquely (and by unique i do not mean weird) beautiful sense of style. she is brilliant in a hundred ways. and she is far too far away right now! happy happy birthday sarah- i hope the indian wine is fabulous. here are some of my favorite sfg photos:
a little halloween love
drinks in austin
my favorite crayolas!

i love these two people so much!

happy birthday sarah!


halloween party in the usa

so we all need to cross our fingers that texas state lets me go to their school next semester- because i clearly have too much time on my hands. friday night was my annual pumpkin carving party and, i must say, this year was slightly over the top. the following photos are of the decor, the treats, and the costumes. i decorated too much and spent two days baking. the theme for costumes was "things i hate" which turned out really good. enjoy!

these are the cake pops that i literally 100 percent copied from bakerella. she is wonderful and the cake pops were time consuming but not very difficult. this is the little family of pops: the mummy, the purple people eater, the pumpkin, the monster, and the ghostie.
the most time was dedicated to trying to get all the unfinished pops in the freezer so i could sleep on thursday night.

friend cake guys- german chocolate and chocolate buttercream

punkin- vanilla and cream cheese
(all full of gluten)

this is the little foam hat i made to float on the green punch. yard ghostie in the background.
tobe and his giant candy corn. he was so upset that it wasn't edible.
they are traffic cones that i painted. i used acrylic paint intended for a canvas. it took a long time.
the drink table. spooky bloody lantern. dead rose. halloween m&ms. dice drinking game. cauldron for punch. and syringes for shots (alcohol- not vaccinations).
the sign i made for the trash can.
the sign i made for the recycle bin.
graveyard cups!
bloody "beware"
my most hated thing is- cotton balls........
they are disgusting. i hate their squeaky fibers. it feels like fingernails on a chalkboard. so i became my nemesis. unfortunately the faux version of my nemesis is quite flammable (hence the name tag.)
full shot of the costume. i couldn't find a white tank, but you get it.
here's the green punch!! so delish. some people liked it more than others. some people got drunk more than others. cheers!
for the third year in a row, andrew has waited until the (literally) last 10 minutes to decide what he should dress as. the fallback didn't work because i apparently "accidently" threw away this pirate hat that has been floating around my house for two years. so he couldn't be orlando bloom as a pirate. sorry ange.
haley hates girls that use halloween as an excuse to wear lingerie at a bar. i can probably say most people agree with her. however, she did pull off the "slutty halloween costume" unbelievably well. the real costume only made an appearance for a total of 3 minutes, but it was still there under the coat. best shy sluttly cleopatra ever.
there we are together. don't know why this photo is black and white.
heres another b&w. me and my frieeends taking some tequila shots. if you guys recall, this is exactly how our friendship was birthed (tequila and silverchair).
beau and rebecca might have slightly missed the message on the costume theme. or maybe not? beau came as me. he wore a blonde wig, a cowboys jersey (with boob stuffing), and a cut-out of toby (actual toby photo). it made me laugh to think that if someone was trying to summarize me, these are the 4 things that come to mind.
ben!! ben went to lucy in disguise to find a costume (also ignoring the theme). he selected the "joseph" costume. when asked why, he explained that it was the least expensive in case the costume didn't make it back to the shop. duh. the mustache is just something he rocks from time to time. and the mullet is probably some sort of fantasy. we surmised that he was a republican. (no offense family)

here we are together sharing a special moment.
this must be from later in the evening. you can always determine how much i've been drinking based on the number of photos i'm "kissy-facing" in. selina (my beautiful friend pictured to the right) was a plum. the hat is absolutely the greatest thing ever.

and of course......... toby was........... the postman!!
(his most hated enemy. he defends the house daily from the monster, and is only allowed rest on sunday. he is our only defense and he barks with such bravery.)

sean is charles manson. i agree with the theme element of it, but i imagine he had a difficult time getting to and from the party.

when it got real cold we made a fire.
the syringe shots were utilized in this photo. green punch shots all around. but stuart (meatwad) is attempting to inject the alcohol directly into his bloodstream.
i really just like this photo because of all the pointing.
out of control dancing. similar to my kissy-face, you know andrew's intoxication level based on the deepness of his v. johnny is an onion. the hat made its way into the fire pit.
"tell me why-e?" future boyband of america. i removed sean's swastika on his forehead so this photo could be used outside of the halloween context.
sadly, in the end, no pumpkins were carved (except for this one that got hacked at some point). but do not despair, the parties will not cease.
we got toby back into his pumpkin first thing this morning, and by the look on his face, he's really really happy about it.

happy halloween everyone!! hope yall have lots of tricks and treats tonight!


andrew loves the earth and i love them both

as we all know, i am completely obsessed with two things: andrew and earth. andrew studies the environment at the university of texas, and i love that he loves the earth as much as i do. he is about to graduate with honors and is writing his thesis right now about green roofing and how to reduce co2 and help the farming crisis by making our buildings grow! (figuratively) but anyway, we got to go to the wildflower center this weekend and i got to see some of the stuff he is studying in action. they have an enormous test site where different native plants are being tested for how they react to living on a roof and how runoff water is affected by them. there are tons of other complicated parts to this project but i would probably sound stupid trying to explain it. the point is- he is working on something that i personally think is really cool and could potentially be hugely beneficial to our planet. and i am so proud of andrew because he works so hard and is so smart. here are some photos of our trip to the wildflower center as well as one of the cake i made at the first of the month for my honey's birthday.


state fair love

toby has been feeling painfully left out these days. we drove all the way to dallas (we meaning andrew, toby and myself) and toby didn't even get a front seat- which he reminded us of every fifteen minutes. then we went to the state fair, leaving him alone with bailey (heather's little white fluff of happiness) and didn't even bring back a corny dog. and trust me i am aware of the irony of toby eating a corny dog. i, however, did consume one. i allowed my thoughts to look the other way when the nutritional facts and gluten ingredients tried to tear me away. and it was delish. what was not delish unfortunately was the ride andrew coaxed me onto shortly after the dog. it looked fairly harmless from it's loading position. and from now on i pledge to never go on a fair ride until i have seen it's full potential in action. it lifted us up into the air and spun us in more ways than i thought my organs would allow. and i swear it was the longest fair ride in existence. i definitely remember screaming to andrew- tears streaming- knees locked- white knuckles gripping the handles, "tell toby i love him!" thankfully i made it off alive.
and once i regained my ability to walk, we got to go see the petting zoo (with a really awesome llama) (two l's?), and then went to the big tent where they put all the shit you win prizes for. this included some bad photography, impressive quilts obviously sewn together by color-blind quilters, and a giant butter sculpture. next door was the "as seen on t.v." tent. i got a full sham-wow demonstration (which is in fact just as impressive as the television version) a fudge sample (which i'm not sure was on t.v.) and finally the smokeless cigarettes. the smokeless cigarette sales woman (who's voice suggested her lungs were quite happy about the invention) explained to me that it has all the benefits without the negatives. you recharge the end and it gives you a little puff of nicotine! and she enthusiastically showed me how she was currently smoking in a "non smoking" place. the tip even lights up red for the effect of something burning. this was too much for me. i exited the tent.
my sweet and tiny grandmother was surprisingly enthusiastic about finding some fried butter, and though we did eventually find the stand, the line was the longest of any others at the fair that day, and thus we did not partake. (the previous sentence alone is one of many reasons texans have a stereotype). at this point i had seen enough of the fair and it had seen enough of me. we exited feeling full, dirty, and smelling of llamas. all in all it was a success.
sadly, toby did not see any of the fried wonders. one can only imagine what his little heart might have done.


though i try, i can't hate the cowboys

just when i think i have truly done it and i can never appreciate the cowboys as a respectable part of the nfl, miles austin has more receiving yards than anyone since 2006! i love it when a cowboy proves me wrong and becomes a great teammate despite a possibly rocky past. and the celebration in the end zone brought a tear to my eye. andrew and i went to pick up p.f. changs before the game and we found ourselves sitting beside the university of colorado coach at the bar. i asked (too loudly) if he was the colorado guy and they looked at us. we ended up talking about where they were from (denver) and though i think we were trying to be nice and flattering (since ut kind of destroyed them yesterday) they still kept acting like denver was some sort of holy land. i realized that this is why i do not want to live in colorado. it seems to have only positives- with the weather, the beauty, and the marijuana laws (?) but the people are its downfall. they like colorado too much, and this is the exact reason why i cannot. anyways, the point is- i trashed the cowboys majorly to these people and am now regretting it. the man looked at the window and suggested he had been lied to about the "fabulous austin weather" and then smugly told us he was going back to denver where it will be "snowing- not raining!" well fine. maybe they have snow, but we obviously have superior athletes and nice-ness.
all this to say, toby is back in his cowboys sweater and the cowboys are 3-2. hats off to you boys- the tobe and i salute your comeback.

getting ready for fall!

the football gods surely must have been smiling down upon us this weekend- fall finally arrived with a cold front and rain! i suppose some people appreciate the hot weather of austin for some reason, but personally it makes me hate everything about our latitude. i can't dress up for halloween, drink hot cider, or feel in the mood for football without a good cool down, some rain, and a drastic reduction of sun. but thanks to the stars aligning this weekend, toby got to get a new pumpkin costume. this is not his halloween costume- that is yet to come- this is his "pumpkin carving party costume" (which will be happening within the next few weeks). the hat didn't stay on very well due to the fact that it is meant for "build-a-bears." toby, being a dog, can't keep these hats-made-for-bears on. also, it was a bit puffy and inhibited a great deal of movement. either way, i made him wear it and i felt fully festive by lunchtime. but one cannot wear a jack-i-o every day of october (which i did attempt to do in '08) so toby put on his polo/sweater-vest combination. i think he looks very handsome.